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Cheap Thrills Delivers

Sat. Feb 1st was the date for this year’s Cheap Thrills Show in beautiful Asbury Park NJ. Cheap Thrills is in the dead of winter for a reason. There’s nothing going on and it gives builders a chance to get the parts needed for the winter builds. In addition to the swap meet, Cheap Thrills has an awesome bike show and vendors slinging wears. The venue is in the historic Asbury Park Convention Center & they sell booze with a killer DJ along with a bunch of tattoo artists buzzing away. What more do you need!!!

This year, we got to the event early to set up the Hijinx booth. Some of the vendors already set up the night before and others were getting ready. The organizers, Dusty and Walter, thankfully had us in the same spot again AND my buddies Mitch and Johnny were set up next to us slinging parts which was awesome!!!! (Thanks, guys!!!)

Once we were set up, I was able to walk around a bit before the doors opened. I was glad I did because once it started, it was ON! I caught tattoo pro Oliver Peck, setting up his booth to sling gear and bummed into my good friend Mark V ( ) while he was setting up his booth to sell some of his killer pix! We chatted quick then got back at it. I got a quick hello in with the talented Jerry C from 812 Inc. ( (check this guy out for all yor fabrication needs – he’s a stand up dude). I also got to chat with Mike from TWT Motorcycle Parts ( just before the madness kicked in. I split back to the booth just in time for show time.

10am the doors opened the crowds were insane!! We were told the line stretched for blocks!! The crowds streamed in and the fun began . Friends from all over stopped by the booth to say hi and grab a beer. Folks were coming in from all over…Va, WVA, NY, CT!! Hell, we even caught Jimmy G from Murphy’s Law at the show – he is now the proud owner of a Hijinx Black and Blue Savage hat!!! If you needed parts this was the place to be – folks were snatching up chopper gold left and right.

The crowds were thick all day and everyone was having a blast. Booze was flowing , tunes were cranking and laughs were had!! Towards the end of the day, they announced the trophy winners for the bike show – congrats to Austin ( and Evan( on the wins. As the crowd thinned out we broke down the booth and a few of us grabbed some dinner around the corner then hit the Saint for the after party!!! Man, was that fun!!! The bar was PACKED and the bands were awesome!!!!! We guzzled some more beer till the wee hours and crashed out in the hotel. The next morning I grabbed some breakfast with friends – we were all nursing well earned hangovers!!! After grub, I hopped the Parkway north with a full belly, raging headache and a smile on my face!!! Can’t wait till next year…. don’t miss it!!!! This show is a lot of fun and who doesn’t like Cheap Thrills!!!! Check out some pix by the man, Mad Stork (

They already set the date for next year, so start planning!! Get all the info you need at or follow ’em on the IG…..

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