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Indian Larry Block Party (and small business shutdown protest!!)

Amid all the COVID restrictions events were cancelled throughout the year. Businesses throughout the country were mandated to shut down. NYC was really hard hit – still no indoor dining at all!!!! People losing their jobs and businesses. People getting sick and some even dying. 2020 was on course to be a total shit show! In these dark times, a hero emerges!! The annual Indian Larry Block Party!!! Sat Sept 19th was the date and Brooklyn was the place.

Despite everything being cxl’d the crew at Indian Larry’s ran into the fray head first. The show must go on. Undeterred by NYC’s crack down on businesses and out door events they decided to simply have a small business shut down protest – I mean, the city was allowing protests right????

The weather was amazing – if ya discount the early morning wind. Me and my pal Sal arrived early in the am. As we walked the block and help get things set up, our attention was immediately drawn to the next block over. We saw a HUGE sign painted in the middle of the street in bright yellow letters “FUCK CUOMO AND DIBLASIO” talk about setting the tone!!!!

It was clear people had enough of covid and wanted to move on. Bikes started rolling in EARLY by 10:30 am bikes started lining the streets. The DJ set up spinning tunes and there was plenty of burgers, BBQ pig, beers and booze! There were a handful of vendors although lighter than usual. People we clearly itching to get out b/c by noon the block was packed!!!! People poured in from all over the tristate area. I saw friends in town from Detroit and as far as FARGO NORTH DAKOTA!! As the day wore on, the stunt riding started up on the block over – wheelies, rolling burnouts and donuts for everyone!!!! People from the neighborhood mingled in and looked like they were having a blast too!!! The NYPD was OUTSTANDING. They kept out of sight and made sure the venue was safe and not too out of control – THANK YOU!!

The drinking and laughs went on all day!! Everyone was having a blast!!! As the day turned to dusk the street started to clear out slowly!! We eventually packed up and headed back to Jersey abound 10pm and the party was still in action. What an amazing day!!! Big thanks to the Indian Larry Crew for giving us a glimmer of fun during this other wise slow year!!

Check out some pix below – photo cred to The Mad Stork ! (

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