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No Thrills Like Cheap Thrills!!

So just got back from the first annual Cheap Thrills event in beautiful Seaside, NJ. Man, what awesome time! I rolled into Seaside Friday afternoon. The ride down was awesome the weather could not of been better! Once I got settled into the into the condo I strolled up the block to the Hershey Motel to grab some beers!! By 4pm Friday the place was jamming! Bikes just kept rolling in and bands were playing by pool. We got to see friends from all over and even got to meet some news ones! The mood at the event was awesome and everyone appeared to be having a blast. As the night wore on, we shot across the street a bar called Hooks. We passed on the after party at EJ’s but heard it was out of control – huge crowd and great bands!!! We made the poor choice of closing Hooks but the good choice to not go back to the hotel where party goers were continuing to rage!!! Saturday morning came quick and so did my hangover. With a pounding headache, me and my buddies sat around the kitchen table piecing together the night before…one thing lead to another and the beers started flowing, We finally got out of the condo about 1pm and shot back to Hooks for lunch. Bad idea….we bumped into friends and grab at table for lunch….not sure what the staff at Hooks though but they pulled together about 6 tables for the 6 of us to have lunch. Lunch lead to drinks which lead to us missing the swap meet and mini bike races. The races looked sick and the competition fierce. I mean there was a jump in the middle of the mini bike track!!

Back at the Hershey, the party started to pick up! The pool was lined with the SICKEST collection of choppers !! The weather was perfect…the girls were in bikinis lounging pool side and the bands started up on the upper pool deck. We swung into the Motorcycle Art Extravaganza…an awesome collection of amazing sissy bar art curated by Jerry from 812 (@eightwelveinc. in the IG). Man, he absolutely killed it! He has got to be one of the hardest working mofo’s around and a fucking class act!! Great job, Jerry!

Back out side the shenanigans continued the OC Rippers (@OCRIPPERS) turned it up a notch and really got the party going! Beer was flowing and everyone was having a friggin great time. The day turned to night and we opted out of the after party again and hit Hooks once again. We made the same poor decision to close the bar again and stagger back to the condo but the same smart decision to avoid the rager still going on at the hotel. The next am we were up and at em and heading home.

This event was a total success. The venue was amazing and the entertainment top notch. I can legitimately not wait for next year! Don’t be a dope – don’t miss it!! Thanks to Walter, Dusty and everyone else behind pulling this off. Your hard work paid off !!

Check out some pix below

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