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The Annual Day of Community Terror!

Well folks…Sept 18th was the 18th annual Indian Larry Block Party….other wise known as the Annual Day of Community Terror! This year like every year was different! The Indian Larry crew know how to step it up EVERY year!! This year’s event was a 2 Day event and man oh man was it good!!!

This year the hotel Hijinx had a few guests…Big Don from Iowa, Mike from Sioux Falls and Bobby and Traci from Detroit came out for the fun and games. Friday afternoon we hopped in the car and headed over to Brooklyn. When we got there finishing touches were getting done so we rolled up or sleeves and helped out. One of the coolest things about this event is the number of people that pitch in and help. The shop had a bunch of folks there all week setting up the Wall Of Death! (Oh yeah, there was a fucking wall of death in Brooklyn!). But I digress. Once things got under control, the party kicked in

Friday night, Rhett Rotten’s Wall Of Death ( was open for business. Folks were flooding in to see the Rhett in action and man is he a showman! I LOVE watching the people watching the wall….smiles ear to ear! The Wall of Death back in Brooklyn!! The Grindhouse Gallery was also set up and ready for action. The Gallery was an UNBELIEVABLE collection of art by Darren Mckeag ( photo’s by Pulsating Paula and Bryan Helm ( to name a few as well as an insane collection of killer choppers!! As we kicked around the shop and the crowed started filing in. People seemed to be really digging the Wall of Death and the Grindhouse gallery. We had a bunch of beers and a lot of laughs but had to cut out of the show a little early to be back in the am for the main event. Saturday we back at and hit Brooklyn by 8am…the street was already buzzing! We unloaded and started setting up the Hijinx Booth…man were we lucky…we had an awesome booth line up….Bare Knuckle Performance ( with Bare Knuckle Paul then Darren Mckeag ( )with his art…the Hijinx booth and next to us Gloria Struck. Talk about getting lucky! By 10:30 the block started to really fill up…bikes were rolling and the tunes started up. As the day progressed, the Grindhouse Gallery opened back up and Rhett started the wall up. The weather was perfect as the crowed swelled. EVERYONE was having a blast!! Later in the afternoon the East Coasting crew put on one of THE most insane stunt shows on the next block. These guys are pro’s! Check em out and their event East Coasting In West Haven CT ( The party continued to rage on. After we broke down the booth and loaded up the truck we slid around back where the Wall was set up and continued the party! We ended up splitting around midnight but the party continued into the wee hours or so I was told! HUGE THANK-YOU To Bobby, John and Gabi for throwing down an epic party!! Folks write it down for next year…this block party is really not to be missed!!

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