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Sturgis 80 Years Strong

This year was the 80th anniversary for the iconic Sturgis motorcycle rally. The rally started out with the Jack Pine Gypsies doing some good ole motorbike racing in the Black Hills of Sturgis SD. The event gathered more and more momentum to become THE motorcycle event in the world…There just simply isn’t a bigger event that hosts the best riding. This year the rally had the shadow of COVID but the town of Sturgis went full speed ahead.

It’s been a while since I was in Sturgis (2008 to be exact) and I was expecting massive crowds. We got into town on Sat the 8th and I was pleasantly surprised, While there were a lot of folks rolling around, it didn’t feel as crowded as I would of expected for the 80th. Don’t get me wrong…there were ALOT of people rolling around the Black Hills but the bar scene in Sturgis itself felt lighter – which simply means, easier to get beers and no lines on the bathrooms!!!

Being my wife’s first time out there we spent most of the week doing the usually “tourist” stuff – We hit Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse. Iron Mountain Rd., Custer State Park, Devil’s Tower, Hulett, and one of my personal favorites, Needles Highway. The entertainment at the bars felt like it was a little lower key but I did get to see Whitey Morgan play the Iron Horse and man oh man, did he deliver the goods!!!! GREAT SHOW!!!

The other great part of Sturgis or really any event is catching up with friends from all over for some good ole nonsense. We definitely missed a few of our friends out there (you know who you are) but still got to see whole bunch and male a bunch of new one!

All in all, it was an amazing event. If you have never gone to Sturgis..DO IT. you will regret missing all the years you never went and you WILL go back the following year. It really is as amazing as everyone tells you!!

Check out a few pics from the nonsense…..oh yeah and fuck covid

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